GreenLine ONI

Equipment and machine hall with GreenLINE ONI Floor

Our latest product for the protection of concrete is GreenLINE ONI.

This product is suitable for all surfaces made of concrete, artificial stone, concrete building blocks and other cement materials.

The impregnation strengthens concrete surfaces and protect them against heavy wear as well as chlorides and aggressive liquids. The protection is diffusion-open, durable, and acid-resistant.

The impregnation system is a surface sealing and protective treatment for vulnerable concrete surfaces such as industrial floors and parking garage floors. The impregnation is also used to strengthen surfaces and fixates dust, during grinding and polishing of the concrete floor. The result is a very durable and scratch-resistant surface.

Our products penetrate very deeply into the capillaries, micro cracks and pores. A chemical reaction between salts and minerals causes the formation of a very hard calcium silicate hydrate. As a result, a crystalline structure is formed which prevents water from penetrating but allows vapors to escape (diffusion). As the protection penetrates deep into the concrete, it is immune to external influences such as abrasion and impact.

A treatment increases the durability (abrasion resistance) of new concrete by more than 35 percent and strengthens older concrete, mortar and self-levelling cement-based floor that are exposed to the weather.

The treated surface becomes slightly water repellent (hydrophobic) with the final treatment.


  • Concrete in harsh environments
  • Roads, bridges, tunnels Parking lots and garages
  • Water supply and sewage systems
  • Industrial and material storage floors,
  • Marine environments
  • Vehicle washing facilities and workshops
  • Deep-freeze rooms
  • Agricultural silos and biogas plants
  • Sawmills and paper mills
  • Recycling and waste plants
  • balconies, stairs

As opposed to our GreenLine Floor product, there will be no mechanical work performed so as to maintain the original optics.

It is a cost-effective alternative in the new construction of industrial floors to obtain a dust-free, robust industrial floor. The use of the treated surfaces is often possible after 1-2 days.


Our impregnations are certified by/
Performance tested and approved according to:

EN 1504-2 CE System 2+
EN 1504-2, 1504-8 CE System 2+ (SP/CBI) Products and systems for protection and repair of concrete surfaces - Surface protection systems for concrete. Certificates, State production control 1111-CPR-0556, 100% ecological, no VOC, approval in connection with drinking water DIN EN 12873-2:2020

Life-365 / North Test NT-Build 492 
Chloride protection - Three times longer life of reinforced concrete

DIN 11622-2 (TÜV)
Chemical resistance of waste/biogas plants

Approved for direct contact with drinking water up to 70 o C

Nuclear power plants (VATENFALL)
Class: Green 2, including use in WetWell (reactor containment)

Laden Sie sich hier das GreenLINE ONI Datenblatt für Industrieböden herunter.

GreenLINE Floor data sheet ONI.pdf


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