GreenLINE Floors integrates in Stuttgarter with Material-Presence

Industrial floors with ecological components in raumPROBE. One of the most professional material databases in Germany for architects is raumPROBE OHG in Stuttgart Interior designer Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Bäuerle and architect Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Stumpp founded the company in 2005, which has the correct materials for almost all construction options.

raumPROBE is always interested in material innovations and new developments in order to be able to inform its members comprehensively, so that the news gets to the people quickly, in this case the architects, who present them to their clients under different aspects. Whether from a creative or economic point of view.

In the case of GreenLine Floor, the industrial floor with the ecological component, it was soon clear that sample boards including material parameters had to be integrated into the exhibition and thus into the raumPROBE material database.

From an ecological point of view, GreenLine Floor currently does not allow any alternatives on the market:

Ecologically, because GreenLine Floor does not use any polluting epoxy resins.

Economically, the industrial floor pays for itself with a cost saving of up to 20% compared to other flooring systems.

GreenLine Floor floors are mineral impregnated. In contrast to synthetic resin-bound industrial floors, they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, which also leads to cost savings in the long term.

Companies and planners appreciate these advantages of floors finished with the GreenLine Floor process. The possible applications are many and varied. Whether in logistics, in public buildings or in the production of the most diverse branches of industry, trade, crafts and commerce. The users rely on the 3-phase floor sealing in order to be able to use a dust-free, slip-resistant, low-noise and abrasion-resistant floor.

The hard-wearing, but at the same time impeccable looking industrial floor meets all requirements and adapts to the most diverse needs without any problems.

The innovation is the first and so far the only environmentally friendly process for the finishing of concrete floors.