GreenLINE Floor – parking spaces for unlimited mobility

The importance of individual mobility is constantly increasing in modern everyday life. In an urban context, good networking and driver-friendly traffic management are essential. The increase in flowing traffic on roads and motorways inevitably leads to an increase in stationary traffic.

Unrestricted mobility therefore also requires space to park vehicles. Facilities such as parking spaces in public street space, parking structures and private parking areas are indispensable today.

Concrete floors must be particularly resistant and resilient, especially in busy car parks. Even the tight curves here require a non-slip floor covering.

Building owners, architects and specialist planners rely on the ecological GreenLINE Floor for the floor coating within these facilities, which guarantees the de-icing salt resistance of the concrete and protection of the structural steel. Cost-intensive renovations are avoided in the long term with this system. Even cracks can be closed to 2 mm.

The floor finish without epoxy resin is convincing not only because of its long service life and minimal maintenance requirements, but also because of its improved cleanability due to its smooth yet slip-resistant surface. This also reduces the noise caused by vehicles, prevents tyre tracks and reduces vibrations.

Due to its mineral impregnation, the GreenLINE Floor can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way if necessary, which is not possible with conventional coatings.