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Ecological industry – soil remediation saves up to 30% of the usual costs

Architects, general construction companies and plant managers appreciate the advantages of the concrete and industrial floor, which has been refined to a GreenLINE floor with GLF Technology.

There are good reasons for this. GreenLINE Floor does not use any burdening epoxy resins.

Industrial and logistics companies rely on a 3-phase floor finishing, to obtain a dust-free, slip-resistant, low-noise and abrasion-resistant floor. Requirements such as acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, de-icing salt-resistant and, above all, electrically conductive are also easily met.

A cost saving of up to 30% compared to other flooring systems is achieved. If conventional industrial coatings are used for a longer period of time, the resulting damage can pose a potential danger to people and operational processes after a few years.

Damage such as cracks, hollow layers, flaking  of whole areas and above all a heavily scratched surface often has to be invoiced after approx. 5-8 years and has to be extensively renovated.

Production halls, logistics centres, warehouses, public buildings such as schools, museums, airports, railway stations, but also the retail trade, create the highest demands. A floor has to provide the safety and the conditions for the requirements demanded in the respective areas of use. This can be achieved ecologically and sustainably with refined concrete floors according to GLF Technology.

GreenLINE Floor floors are mineral impregnated. Therefore, in contrast to synthetic resin-bound floors, they can also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way – if required. Another cost factor and environmental aspect not to be underestimated.

GreenLINE Floor is the first and so far only ecological process for finishing concrete floors according to GLF Technology – Standard.